Proper Cleaning and Maintenance is Key!

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You have made a wise decision to invest in your hearing health. So it’s good practice to learn how to clean and maintain your hearing aids at home. These wonders of technology  operate in the inside of your ear canals where they are subjected to earwax and moisture. Not really an ideal place for tiny computers! Regular cleaning you can do yourself combined with routine maintenance provided by your hearing care professional will give you years of reliable hearing with your devices.
Here are some useful tips from the professionals:
Use your tool kit: All devices should come with a cleaning kit that includes a brush with a wax pick, a cleaning cloth, wax guards, and batteries.  A wax pick and brush are indispensable tools for at-home cleaning. Earwax and dry skin will accumulate in the opening at the end of a hearing aid over time. This is where the sound comes out. Having debris in this area will cause the device to sound muffled or give feedback (whistling). Left long enough, it can damage the receiver. Use the pick and brush to gently clear wax away.

Create good habits: Remember to take your devices out during your daily hygiene routine. Showering and  washing your face or hair is important to do before putting on your hearing aids. Soap and water will damage the devices, as well as hair products like hair spray and gels. Remember to apply hair products and make sure they are dry BEFORE putting on your hearing aids.

Clean your devices at the end of each day: When you take your hearing aids off at the end of the day, be sure to wipe them off with a dry cloth or an audio wipe. Open the battery doors and place them into the hard case provided by the manufacturer. Doing this  before bedtime gives them several hours to air out before you will put them in again. Avoid wipes with chemicals or alcohol when cleaning hearing aids as they could damage the devices. Be sure to keep them off of tables or night stands when there are pets around.

When to seek professional help: 
Hearing aids should be professionally cleaned by your hearing aid provider at least every 6 months. We have vacuums with specialized attachments that gently suck wax from hard to reach areas, and they know how to safely clean vents, microphone screens, wind screens and receivers.
If you are not sure how to properly clean your hearing aids or if you feel your devices need special attention, contact your hearing aid provider.

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