Quick Fixes for Common Hearing Aid Problems


If you are a hearing aid user that is experiencing difficulties with your devices, try some of our troubleshooting tips to help you! Below are common problems that hearing aid users face with daily use of their devices. Remember that it is important you wear your hearing aids everyday!
Are your hearing aids not producing any sound or is the sound muffled?? 
Possible causes for a hearing aid not providing enough sound include a dead battery, a blocked receiver tube, or damage to the device itself.
Don’t Panic! All of these things can be fixed!

  1. Check the battery and correct placing of the battery. Replace the battery if needed. Make sure the flat side of the battery is facing up.

2.Clean the device. Remove anything that is blocking the openings on the device. The dome or the wax guard gets clogged with earwax. Remove the dome and make sure that the wax guard is clear as well as the tip of the dome.
If the hearing aid is damaged, contact a hearing aid specialist to find out your repair options.
If your hearing aids are working, but not providing enough amplification even at a high volume, take the following steps:

  1. If you have a manually controlled volume be sure, it is not turned all the way down.
  2. Switch between different programs on the device. If your hearing aid will allow it, alter the settings and listen for changes in volume.
  3. Replace the battery.

Sounds coming out distorted?
When distorted sounds are present in your hearing aid, these tips may help correct the problem:

  1. Inspect the batteries for corrosion. If corrosion is present on the batteries, replace them.
  2.  If corrosion is present on the hearing aid battery contacts inside of the device, carefully brush them clean with the cleaning tool provided.
  3. Inspect the hearing aid for damage. If the device is damaged, contact a hearing aid specialist.

Hearing Aids Producing Feedback?

Hearing aid feedback often sounds like a loud whistling in your ear. If you are experiencing feedback from your hearing aid, here are a few things you might want to try:

  1. Re-position– Try removing your hearing aids and re-positioning them inside your ears. The devices may be inserted the wrong way inside your ears.

     2.Wax Buildup? – Schedule an   appointment to have your ears professionally cleaned by an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. Thoroughly clean your hearing aids of all wax build-up.

When to See a Hearing Aid Specialist
If troubleshooting does not improve the sound quality of your hearing aid, it is time to visit a hearing aid specialist for an adjustment to your device. It may be a simple fix completed while you wait, or it may need a factory repair. The hearing aid specialist will assist you in finding the best course of action

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