How To Avoid Losing Your Hearing Aids

lost hearing aids

Losing the ability to hear is bad enough, but what if you lose your hearing aids too? Losing hearing aids is more common than you might think. If your hearing aids are not in your ears or a safe storage container when not in use, there is no limit to the ways a hearing aid can be lost. The family dog might make a snack of the technological wonder. You may find the remnants of a hearing aid in pants pockets that have gone through the washing machine. Alternatively, you might hear a sickening sound as your vacuum cleaner rolls over your expensive devices lying in the floor. There is also the possibility of never finding a lost hearing aid again. If a hearing aid is not in your ear, it must be kept in a safe place.

Do This First

If you suddenly discover that you have misplaced a hearing aid, try to retrace your steps. Although this seems like obvious advice, it may help. Try moving slowly while thinking about the last time you had your hearing aid and the activities in which you were involved. If you were at a business or a public venue, give them a call.

Loss Prevention Tips

Hearing aids are small, so losing them is not difficult. Finding hearing aids may prove to be a significant obstacle. Here are some tips to help you keep up with your hearing aids:

  • Hearing aid containers. Use a labeled hearing aid container to store your hearing aids when not in use. Make sure to use the same case and do not stray from this routine.
  • Snug fit. Be sure that your hearing aids fit snugly inside your ears to prevent them from accidentally tumbling out of your ears and getting lost. If the fit is loose, contact your hearing healthcare professional for an adjustment.
  • Clothing. Articles of clothing are a common culprit in the loss of hearing aids. Be cautious when removing shirts, sweaters, and tops as hearing aids can become snagged during removal. Always check your pockets when removing clothes.
  • Remove hearing aids sparingly. Try to avoid removing your hearing aids in public as this removal risks losing the hearing aids. Try to have a case with you if removal is necessary during social events.
  • You are traveling with hearing aids. When venturing abroad, it is imperative to have a labeled container to place your hearing aids in at night.
  • Be mindful of other hearing aid wearers. Does anyone else in your home wear hearing aids? If the answer is yes, you have the added risk of someone taking your hearing aids by accident. Try to keep your hearing aids in separate containers in separate rooms.
  • Pets. Dogs and cats like the sound of a hearing aid. Keep them turned off when not in use and make sure they are in a tight container when not in use. Your beloved pet might make a tasty snack of them.

If retracing, searching, and inquiring does not pay off, call your hearing healthcare professional. Manufacturers generally cover hearing aids for a one-time loss, and your provider will be able to inform you if your hearing aids have protection. Additional coverage for hearing aids is available for purchase through third-parties like ESCO or Midwest Hearing Industries.

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