Living with Untreated Hearing Loss

living with untreated hearing loss

Have you ever considered the difference hearing can make in day-to-day life?  If you haven’t yet experienced hearing loss, you may wonder just what it would be like to have a limited sense of hearing. How would your communication change? What impact would a hearing loss have on the things you do every day?
It may not even be something you’ve considered, but according to statistics, it should be.
According to the Hearing Health Foundation, an estimated 48 million Americans of all ages report trouble hearing. Breaking it down by age, that looks like:

  • Almost 50% ages 75+
  • Nearly 33% between ages 65-74
  • Almost 15% between ages 45 and 64
  • 8 million between ages 18 and 44

That means that anyone at any age can have hearing loss due to genetics, underlying health conditions or (the most common reason), noise.
Here’s what hearing loss could look like for you if it’s left untreated:
Everyday communication
One of the first things we may think of with hearing loss is how it affects our most basic and essential communication.  Answering the telephone may take a special device, having a conversation at a restaurant could be more difficult and frustrating than you ever imagined and simple transactions while running errands could become much less straightforward.
Background noises we take for granted
Untreated hearing loss can steal so many of the little sounds we take for granted.  The hum of crickets on a summer evening, a spouse’s car parking in the driveway, or maybe even the sound of kids playing in the front yard. Imagine losing these sounds that add so much to our lives.
Our relationships
When left untreated, hearing loss can strain even the strongest relationships, often because of increased difficulty communicating. There may be more misunderstandings, seeming lack of consideration or even withdrawal. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to hearing loss is increased risk of social isolation (and other serious conditions that can result from it). Untreated hearing loss can rob us of our family and friends by eroding communication, confidence and relationships themselves.
Side effects of untreated hearing loss
It’s not just communication that suffers from untreated hearing loss. Research has also linked serious health side effects such as listening fatigue, anxiety, increased risk of depression, social isolation and even cognitive decline to untreated hearing loss.
How to treat your hearing loss
Treating hearing loss is the first step to improving communication and relationships, reducing the risk of associated health concerns and more fully experiencing the sounds of the world around us. If you believe you have hearing loss:

  • Schedule a hearing evaluation
  • Work with your hearing healthcare provider or a hearing aid specialist to treat your hearing loss with solutions such as hearing aids
  • Use your hearing aids every day

Don’t let hearing loss steal away your health, relationships and the symphony of sound around you. Take steps today to identify and treat your hearing loss.
If you have questions or are ready to get started treating your hearing loss, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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