How To Choose The Perfect Hearing Aid For Your Active Lifestyle

hearing aids for active lifestyles

Hearing loss does not have to mean the loss of your active lifestyle, whether that be playing sports, hiking, or enjoying the great outdoors. With more than a quarter of hearing aid users reporting dissatisfaction, making a change when addressing your hearing and lifestyle needs have become more and more important to living a full and rich life. Make sure you are speaking with your physician or audiologist about these three key topics to ensure that If you enjoy exploring the outdoors, are an active athlete, or just bit by the travel bug, you find hearing aids that are perfect for your lifestyle regardless of the severity of your hearing loss.

1.Explain How Active You Are

Depending on the activities your daily life entails, there are different types of hearing aids that may be better suited for your lifestyle. If you’d prefer an exciting night out at a rock concert or crowded restaurant over a quiet evening at home, ask your audiologist about hearing aids that are designed to improve hearing in crowded or noisy environments. With new technology, hearing aids are making it effortless to listen with less concentration, giving you the ability to enjoy that sporting event or family dinner and live in the moment.
For those who explore the great outdoors or like to relax on the golf course, in-the-ear style hearing aids (ITE) might be the right choice for you. Protected by your outer ear, in-the-ear style hearing aids minimize the sound of wind, keeping the outdoors as serene as it should be, and are perfect for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss.

2. Make Sure Your Hearing Aids Can Withstand Your Daily Life

Asking your audiologist about durability may be the most important topic when choosing the right hearing aid for your active life. New technology and elaborate accessories are wonderful, but are unhelpful if your hearing aids cannot survive your weekend fishing trip or family night out. Research whether your hearing aids have protection against moisture, dirt, or physical damage, or are easily cleaned and maintained. That way, when life happens, your hearing is still crystal clear without pricy replacements or difficult cleaning regimens.

3. Take Advantage of Accessories

Choosing the correct style of hearing aid is important when making sure it can survive your active lifestyle, but with hearing aid accessories, you can provide more layers of protection. Specific dehumidifiers and dryers can remove any moisture from your hearing aids while you sleep at night, while specialized clips attach hearing aids to clothing, saving you from costly mistakes in case of loss or accidental damage.
For behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, special sweatbands and covers fit discretely over your hearing aid, keeping out moisture and perspiration from you and the elements without forfeiting sound quality. These can come in multiple colors and styles, making it easy to match them with hair colors or outfits, guaranteeing that you enjoy the moment without the worry.

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