Custom Earmolds & EarPlugs

Prevention is the best protection for your hearing, so if you’re in an environment with loud noises, it will pay off in the long run to utilize ear plugs on a regular basis. Common noises that you encounter every day can lead to hearing loss down the line, as the threshold for damage is right around 85 decibels. Did you know that bulldozers, concerts, lawnmowers, and even city traffic noise all peak at 85 dB or higher?

Prolonged exposure to these loud noises can slowly damage your hearing, and while you might not notice it at the time, after many years of unprotected exposure you could find yourself with hearing loss. Both protective ear plugs and custom molds are available to help preserve your hearing during these activities. We find that recreational shooters and hunters, as well as those in law enforcement, benefit from these devices.

Towers Audiology Center also offers musician earmolds and monitors that work much better than a traditional ear plug. Our devices help to protect your hearing without sacrificing the true quality of what you need to hear.

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