Why Choose an Audiologist ?

Many of us take our hearing for granted, but when it becomes more difficult for us to hear clearly we realize it’s an extremely important part of our lives. Just like you would choose a professional for the care of your eyes, your hearing can best be assessed and treated by an experienced audiologist. We want you to get the most out of life, so we make our patients our number one priority.

Towers Audiology Center is owned by Dr. Michele Sherman, who is a Doctor of Audiology and has undergone the most extensive training available to be able to detect and assist with multiple types of hearing loss and hearing related ailments. She uses her comprehensive skill set to test and diagnose your level of hearing loss, and makes appropriate recommendations that work with your budget and lifestyle.

Audiologists take ethical practice very seriously. Every audiologist must take a professional oath in order to be licensed to practice. This oath mandates that audiologists always practice in the best interest of the patient. Dr. Sherman pledged to her vocation after 8 years of intensive study and training, and her recommendations and advice are always aimed at providing you with the most appropriate solutions – no matter what.

By visiting an audiologist, you’ll be on the road to better hearing without having to visit multiple offices. Towers Audiology Center provides custom hearing aid fittings using state-of-the-art products and offers follow up care for your peace of mind. If you ever need servicing or cleaning for your devices, we’re happy to help.

Contact our office today to speak with one of our experienced team members to find out how to begin the process toward better hearing!